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The Weightlessness in People (Code: ISBN: 978-3-200-06426-3)


Many contemporary explanations regarding the functional principle of the human body are in contrast to personal perception and common sense. This book is an attempt to encourage the readers into leaving their 'comfort zone' and to question even basic knowledge. Everything in it is based on fact, observation and logic, not opinions or presumptions. The reader is never asked to just 'believe', but always encouraged to critically question.

'The Weightlessness in People' is, at its core, a book about the compression and weightlessness effects of water. Since we are land-dwelling creatures, medical science seems somewhat blind to the fact that our ancestors developed in water and that the numerous fluid-dynamic processes within our bodies are deserving of proper investigation. Thus, this book does not content itself with only taking a look at the compression effects of e.g. balneotherapy, but it goes deeper. 
After introducing the reader to sack-theory with the help of some simple, yet thought provoking exercises, the book delves into different aspects of the relationship between liquids, gases, pressure and our bodily functions. In doing so, it proposes new ideas, always trying to connect the matter at hand to real, often unresolved medical problems. Its goal is not to establish new doctrine, but to shift the reader’s perspective, making him or her realise the importance of basic fluid- mechanical knowledge and trusting in your own, replicable observations. And most of all, it wants to provoke readers into thinking for themselves.

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